We Are Open for Business!

Calls and emails to book appointments are much appreciated for daycare but are no longer required!

Customers must wear masks in order to be admitted to the lobby.

Grooming appointments are booking a few weeks in advance but we might be able to fit in a nail trim or two here and there. You can email marketing@happyhoundshotel.com or call (716) 338-9850 to schedule your appointment.

Our revised drop-off policies will be discussed in detail when booking your appointment. We will work to maintain a safe social distancing length of 6’ during drop-off and pick-up.

A Brief "Paws" in Construction

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the construction of the new expansion to Happy Hounds Hotel & Day Spa will be postponed until further notice. With uncertainty in the financial markets, an expected rise in unemployment, and an additional drop to the economy, we are working hard to conserve our resources through this difficult time. With some federal officials suggesting this situation could extend until August, we are taking pre-emptive measures to make sure we are in the best situation possible to get through this unprecedented bit of history. Construction will begin in earnest when it is safe and financially responsible to do so. Until then we will be conserving these previously allocated resources to continue providing the absolute best service we can to our customers, employees, and all of our four-legged friends once our operations are able to reopen. As this is a constantly evolving situation we will provide updates as necessary. If you have any additional questions, please contact us directly. Thank you!

Bark Our Word: A Luxury Experience For Your Dog Is Our Top Priority!

Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa offers 8,000 square feet of space for your dog to enjoy.

Upon entering our lobby, guests are greeted by our concierge, and checked in to their activity, whether it be daycare, boarding or our spa services.

Our facility is climate-controlled year round, to ensure the comfort and well-being of our guests. Our doggie daycare space offers ample access to fresh, clean water, webcams for pet parents to check in, and plenty of space for your dog to play.

Our premium boarding space offers four luxury suite options for your dog to relax in. Furry friends from the same family may find it more relaxing to enjoy sharing a suite; however, Happy Hounds Hotel will not board overnight dogs from different families together for safety reasons.

The day spa at Happy Hounds Hotel features three certified groomers who are committed to providing your doggie diva or canine Casanova with an unmatched grooming experience.

Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa is committed to providing a safe, clean and fun environment for your pet, and we will not accept anything less.


Introducing our Newest Feature of Daycare!

Happy Hounds Hotel Daycare has an exciting new feature that is making a big SPLASH with all of our guests! Our new Pup Pools are filled to the brim with high quality, durable and safe balls for your pooch to enjoy with all of their friends! While attending Happy Hounds Daycare we want to make sure our guests have a ball! What's better to a pup than a pool full of their favorite toy to play with? With our pups pools, guests will never get bored! This new exciting feature will keep them entertained for hours! Also, as always we make sure to staff our daycare appropriately to ensure the safety of all our pups, so there is no need to worry! We are committed to provide your pup with the best daycare experience around!

Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures of all the daycare fun!

The Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa Difference

A safe, clean and fun location

A stress-free and enjoyable resort vacation experience for your dog

Supervision and attention throughout the duration of your pet's stay

Doggie CPR-certified staff focuses on your dog's experience and well-being

Luxurious amenities and features which will make your dog feel like royalty