9 Important Tips to Help Reduce Your Dog’s Stress During Firework Displays

9 Important Tips to Help Reduce Your Dog’s Stress During Firework Displays

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1. Make Alternate Arrangements For Your Dog

If you plan on leaving for the evening or live very close to a fireworks display, consider making alternate arrangements for your dog. A couple options would be dropping your pup off at a friend or relative’s house or at an overnight boarding facility.

2. Tire Your Dog Out

A tired dog is a peaceful dog, so try to get as much exercise in before the celebrations begin. The goal is to have your dog sleep through the show, if possible. Try playing fetch, going to the dog park, or having your pup spend the day at a doggie daycare.

3. Give Your Pup a Distraction

Before the fireworks begin, give your pup a new toy or special treat that they can focus on that throughout the event. An interactive toy or long lasting chew will be the perfect thing to keep their mind distracted.

4. Schedule Meals and Potty Time Early

Feed your pup at an earlier time so that they are able to digest before fireworks start. Make sure that your pup has the chance to take care of their business outside before fireworks begin to ensure they don’t have to be fully exposed to the fireworks or have any accidents indoors.

5. If They Are Home, Keep Your Pets INSIDE.

Pups that have never heard fireworks before or are scared of them may react differently than normal. When a dog is outdoors during fireworks, they may find a way to escape the yard and go to find a place that has more shelter and feels safer. More pups run away on major firework holidays than any other time of the year.

6. Use Ambient Sounds To Muffle The Noise

Any noise to help mask the fireworks can reduce your pup’s unease. Try a radio, the television, or a loud fan for white noise to keep the fireworks muffled.

7. Remove the Visual Stimulation

When keeping your dog indoors, try to keep them from seeing the bright flashes of lights by covering your windows, moving to the opposite side of the house or staying in a ‘safe’ room such as a bedroom.

8. Be Present to Comfort Your Dog

Depending on your dog’s anxiety level, consider staying home for the evening to comfort your pup. We aren’t able to explain to our pups what the fireworks are so it is hard for them to understand.  Your presence will be helpful and comforting throughout the duration.

9. Speak To Your Veterinarian About Possible Medication

If you believe your dog needs even more help than these provided tips, medication – such as sedatives – can assist with keeping a dog feel calm throughout a fireworks display. If your dog presents signs of major distress because of fireworks and other load noises, plan ahead and speak to your veterinarian about different options available.

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