6 Safety Tips for Your Pup To Enjoy Halloween

6 Safety Tips for Your Pup To Enjoy Halloween

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Happy Hounds Hotel loves getting into the Halloween Spirit. With the spooky holiday less than two weeks away, here are six tips to keep you and your furry friend safe this upcoming Halloween.

1.) Candy is not for dogs!

Whether you have a couple of ghouls and goblins out collecting candy or are only handing out your own, it goes without saying that Halloween candy is not for dogs. As most candy contains some kind of chocolate, feeding it to your dog could be dangerous. Be sure to keep any candy in the house up high and out of reach of any curious noses.

2.) Bring your dogs inside

There isn’t a busier day of the year for having strangers and guests approach your home than Halloween. To keep unwanted interaction or noise at a minimum be sure to bring your dogs inside away from the driveway or road. This will help mitigate barking and create a more welcoming environment for trick-or-treaters.

3.) Keep your pets away from the door

Unless your dog is eager to welcome any and all guests to the home it would be smart to keep them away from the front door. If the door bell and knocking are severe triggers for your pet, placing them somewhere they feel safer will make your night, and theirs, far easier.

4.) Decorations

Halloween is a fun time to decorate your home but there are a few things to keep in mind for your dog’s safety. Keep your dogs away from any lit jack-o-lanterns, electrical items, or anything battery powered. Motion activated decorations could easily scare your pooch and things like corn or pumpkins could provide an easy opportunity for them to ingest something unwise.

5.) Costumes

Everyone loves a dog in costume and Happy Hounds Hotel is no different. Check out our Howl-O-Ween Party! Although cute and adorable, these costumes can provide additional chewing hazards for your dogs and they should not be left unattended. Ensure that your dog actually enjoys, or tolerates, the costume you’ve chosen for them before Halloween to guarantee there won’t be issues.

6.) Trick or Treating

If you choose to take your costumed pup out on the streets with the family for some trick-or-treating fun be sure to remember these few things. Bring plenty of dog safe treats for your pup. Also inspect and limit treats ingested from strangers. Additionally, with plenty of people wearing unfamiliar masks, costumes, capes and props you should be prepared for unexpected behavior from your dogs. Even the most well-behaved pooch can become anxious around strange shapes or attire.


Happy Hounds Hotel wishes your family and your dogs a happy and safe Halloween. If you think the stressors of the holiday are too much for your dogs, you are more than welcome to bring them to Happy Hounds Hotel to spend the evening with us! See more about boarding!

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