Ruff Weather Inbound – How to Keep Your Pet Safe & Warm This Winter

Ruff Weather Inbound – How to Keep Your Pet Safe & Warm This Winter

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There is no way around it, winter is coming to Western New York and humans and pups alike need to brace for the snowy weather. Whereas humans can simply throw on an extra layer or some mittens to stay warm when going outside, it is not as easy for dogs. Even though some dogs are better equipped to handle the cold weather than others, there are several things to consider to keep your pup happy, healthy, and warm throughout the winter months.

How Cold is Too Cold?

For humans, many of us handle the cold differently than others and the same can be said for dogs. Although huskies, malamutes, and other mountain dogs are designed to handle the cold, many dogs are not as well equipped to do so. If you aren’t capable of standing outside without an extra layer, chances are your dog is the same way.

Other factors that can increase the impact of cold weather are wind and wet. NEVER take your pup outside after a bath, as cold can quickly freeze their hair and fur and create longstanding health problems or dangerous situations. Dogs, especially senior dogs, need time to acclimate to cold weather and should not be introduced to frigid temps as soon as they arrive.

Up Their Thread Count – Bedding Options for Cold Pups

Just like humans throw an extra comforter on the bed once the temperatures drop, dogs need an extra layer of insulation before they tuck in for the night too. Here are a few options to help add some warmth and comfort for your dog before they curl up for the night.

  • Raised Bed – Even in the best insulated of homes, drafts can still exist along the floor. By raising your dog’s bed off the floor you can reduce the loss of heat through the floor. If you are a little bit handy, building a platform for your dog’s bed can be a quick and easy project.
  • Heated Bed – There are plenty of options for heated pads and beds out there, it is up to you to determine which of these would work best for your pup. These are not designed to be left on all night or used without supervision but as a way to warm your pup’s bed to better ease their discomfort or the aches of an older dog.
  • Extra Blankets – If your pup likes to snuggle up or burrow, throwing a heavier blanket or an extra blanket on their bed will allow them to feel warmer and more comfortable in their own bed and not go looking for extra warmth in your bed.

Winter Grooming Needs at Happy Hounds Day Spa

Keeping your pup healthy, warm, and happy throughout the winter goes a lot further than extra blankets or raising their bed off the floor. There are several grooming needs that are especially important throughout the winter to avoid troublesome cold-related issues. Let Happy Hounds take care of these grooming needs for you!

  • Bathing Inside – It should go without saying, but you should not bathe your pup outside in the winter. The cold weather and cold water can put your canine at risk for several life-threatening conditions. Happy Hounds has plenty of bathing space and enough warm water to go around, and it sure beats trying to get your dog into the bathtub a couple of times this winter.
  • Get Between the Pads – Keeping the hair around your dog’s pads is especially important as it will help prevent snow and ice from accumulating in a sensitive area. This is a delicate area to trim and is best left to the professionals at Happy Hounds Day Spa.

If you don’t use dog booties when going outside in the winter, be sure to wipe their paws when coming back in to remove any ice, snow, and especially salt from sidewalks and roads.

It doesn’t take much to make sure your canine friends are warm and cozy throughout the winter, but that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. Nobody likes being cold, and this goes double for dogs. So go out and get that flannel coat, pair of booties, or heavy blanket. Although they might dislike some of these at first, it will make winter a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Don’t forget to consider Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa for all their grooming needs that become more difficult or necessary as the weather turns.

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