Why You Should Ditch Your Dog’s Nail Clippers

Why You Should Ditch Your Dog’s Nail Clippers

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Are you noticing a louder click as your dog walks around on your floors? For any dog owner, the process of trimming nails is a difficult one that can result in scratches, anxious dogs, frustrated owners and the possibility of a bloody mess from a clipped quick. If that sounds like you, it might be time to schedule your next nail trimming appointment at Happy Hounds Hotel & Day Spa. The professional dog groomers at Happy Hounds use a Nail Dremel to safely round out your dog’s nails when they come in to get pampered. Here are a few additional reasons why Happy Hounds uses a Nail Dremel over traditional methods of nail-clipping.

Five Benefits of Dog Nail Grinders

  • A Closer Cut: A Nail Grinder, or Nail Dremel, allows professional groomers to achieve shorter results than if they were using a traditional set of clippers. There is also less of a chance of hitting the ‘quick’ in the nail. This also results in longer times between trimmings.
  • No Sharp Edges: Using a Nail Grinder won’t leave sharp edges like traditional clippers. This results in fewer scratches when your excited pup sees you after a long day and reduced damage to floors, furniture, or clothing.
  • Less Pressure: A Nail Grinder puts less pressure on your dog’s nails, resulting in a more comfortable and docile pup.
  • Less Splits: Splits, or shards, are common when using traditional clippers. However, when using a grinder, the risk of uncomfortable splits is drastically reduced.
  • Thick Nails: A Nail Dremel is perfect for pooches with thicker nails. Where traditional clippers might struggle, a Nail Grinder will easily smooth out and round thick nails without fail.

Nail trimming is one of the most arduous things for many dog owners, especially if you don’t own the correct equipment. That is why handing over the task of nail trimming to the professional groomers at Happy Hounds Hotel & Day Spa is the best scenario for pups and owners alike. For only $12.00 your dogs can experience a trim with a Nail Dremel at Happy Hounds that will leave your dog with shorter nails, softer edges, less splitting, and happier paws.

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