How To Be The Best ‘Santa Paws’ to Your Pup

How To Be The Best ‘Santa Paws’ to Your Pup

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Although the snow is falling it isn’t too late to get your furry friend something special for the Christmas Holiday. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and whether you are shopping online or in a crowded mall, there are plenty of great options for your dog this year. So, don’t be a “Bah-hum-Pug” and read through our guide to not only finding the best Christmas gift for your dog this holiday season but how to monitor your pup’s activities with all their new toys.


Know Your Chewer

No matter if you are shopping for your own pup or gift-giving something to another dog you know, it is important to understand the chewing capabilities of those dogs. The worst thing you can do is spend twenty dollars on a cute toy for your dog, only to have them turn around and destroy it in thirty seconds or less. If chew toys are what your dog loves, then stock up on the kind they prefer over all others so you can continue giving them throughout the year. (Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup on Christmas Day.)
If you are shopping for a dog you don’t know particularly well, it might be best to avoid all chew toys as you never know what the dog’s preferences are and how their owner allows access to chewable toys.


Choking Hazards

It goes without saying that with new dog toys there is the possibility of choking hazards exist. This includes but obviously is not limited to…
Squeaky Toys
Rope Toys
Buttons, Tags, String & Stuffing
Unless you’re gifting a chew toy your dog is familiar with, and you understand their chewing capabilities, it is crucial that you monitor their play and take away the toy should it become a potential hazard. Soft and plushy toys may be adorable, but they are often easily destroyed and contain plenty of fluff, squeakers, and other undesirable materials for your dog to swallow.


Puzzle that Pooch – Mental Stimulation Toys

There is no shortage of amazing gifts you can get your dog that will help stimulate their mind through the cold winter months. These could be…
Activity Puzzles
Treat-dispensing Chew Toys
Slow-feeding Bowls
Many dog owners can easily forget that mental exercise during the winter is just as important as going for a walk or run in the park. However, there is no way you can go wrong with the old standard Kong dog toy. Kong is an industry leader for a reason and they have plenty of tasty treats and recipes available on their website. Stuffed Kong’s can be prepared in advance to keep your dog occupied or to provide a well-deserved special treat after a good walk or car-ride.



Gifts that encourage exercise are always something best purchased for your own dog. Frisbees, ball-launchers, or other catch and return toys that might be perfect for you might not work so well with other dogs. If you are shopping for other pups, a gift card to Happy Hounds Hotel & Day Spa might be your best bet for gifting exercise. Happy Hounds will give your dogs the gift of daily care, grooming, and boarding capabilities. Also, you can check out daycare packages at Happy Hounds as a possible gift for someone whose pup loves spending the day with their doggie friends at Happy Hounds.

Accessory Gifts

Christmas is the best time to change your whole dog’s appearance for the upcoming year. You may consider purchasing for your special pooch. Although your dog might appreciate a new collar the same way a child would appreciate socks – they are still great gifts to start the new year.
Winter Jackets or Booties
Grooming products like shampoos and brushes
•Custom Food & Water Bowls



Christmas is a great time to surprise your dog with new toys, new apparel, or new natural treats. Our dogs give us a gift every single day with their unwavering love and they deserve the absolute best when it comes to the upcoming holiday season. So treat your pup and give them plenty of gifts from ‘Santa Paws’ this year and watch their tail wag all the way to 2020!

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