Things You Should Know – Understanding CBD Before Giving it to Your Dog

Things You Should Know – Understanding CBD Before Giving it to Your Dog

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Chances are pretty good that you’ve seen the latest craze sweeping the country, CBD. The natural product being infused into everything and touted as a potential remedy for everyone and everything – including dogs. However, there are plenty of things you should know before buying any CBD products and giving them to your dog to help treat an array of issues.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from hemp or cannabis plants that is being used as a natural remedy for everything from aches in adults, seizures in epileptic children, to anxiety in dogs. It is important to know that CBD products do not contain the psychoactive chemical THC. You can rest assured that your pup won’t be asking for extra treats late at night or want to talk about the “pup-ernment, man.”
Although there aren’t any formal studies yet of how CBD interacts with dogs, it is known that cannabinoids interact with an existing set of endocannabinoid receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems of dogs and humans. Scientists do understand that the existing endocannabinoid system in the body helps to maintain a healthy balance and that CBD interacts with this system to deliver an array of possible benefits.

What Can CBD Do for Your Pup?

The wonder of CBD is that it has many similar effects in both humans and dogs. However, due to the lack of official scientific research, most of the evidence that supports potential treatments is anecdotal. There is no shortage of information regarding CBD as a powerful treatment for pain, especially neuropathic pain, anxiety, and seizures.
CBD has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can be a helpful addition to the diet of senior dogs and those who have sustained an injury to treat swelling and pain. Most commonly, CBD is used as an anti-anxiety supplement that can help dogs relax in stressful situations like travel, having guests over, and when their owners leave the house.

How to Buy CBD?

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying any CBD products to give to your furry friend. As it is a new industry there are plenty of “rush-to-market” products that may not be of the best quality. The best places to look for CBD is your local pharmacy, dog care center, or training center – not a gas station.
  • Organic is Best: Always check the label to see if the CBD product is organic. This will guarantee that no pesticides, herbicides, or additional chemicals were used in the growing process.

  • CBD Liquid: A dropper containing a tincture will allow for the best application control and the ability to put CBD on treats, food, or directly into your dog’s mouth. The most common base oil for the liquid is olive oil, or another food grade product.

  • Price = Quality: Your dogs deserve the best, and this goes double for CBD products. A higher price will give you the best chance to see results and again guarantee that no solvents, chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides were used.

Possible Side-Effects of CBD Use

Although there are plenty of possible benefits to CBD use in dogs, there are a few small side-effects to watch out for as each dog will handle it differently.
  • Drowsiness: As CBD has many calming properties, you might find that your dog experiences some drowsiness after taking CBD. If you find that your pup is over-tired, consider reducing the dosage to a smaller amount until you find the perfect amount.

  • Lowered Blood Pressure: This is most likely to occur in extremely high doses of CBD and is only temporary. Avoid any accidental consumption of CBD by your pooch, which could result in the high levels necessary for blood pressure to drop.

  • Dry Mouth: CBD can decrease saliva production in some cases. Always make sure plenty of water is available for your dog to drink should this be the case.

The More You Know

If you think your dog needs CBD, or could simply benefit from the addition of the helpful natural remedy, the more research you do the better. Each dog is different, and it could take a while to find the right dosage levels and uses. CBD is not a cure-all, but it can be an extremely beneficial natural remedy for dogs who have aches, pains, anxiety, or other maladies. Speak to your vet, dog trainer, or dog care professional if you have any further questions regarding CBD and your dog.

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