Boredom Busters for Your Pup!

Boredom Busters for Your Pup!

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Looking for a way to keep your dog entertained for a bit while you hope on a conference call for work while quarantined? We have put together a couple of helpful ideas to try and take their attention off of you and redirect it onto something they will enjoy!

Snuffle Mats!

A fun and rewarding activity for your dog to do while inside is a snuffle mat! What is a snuffle mat you may ask?  iheartdogssept18-23It’s a mat of tied up or folded over pieces of fabric or fleece with treats or food hidden inside. Sprinkle their kibble, a few treats, or bits of cheese over the mat and let them sniff their way to the reward. This will satisfy an instinct for sniffing and hunting while burning some mental energy in a positive and rewarding fashion.


Stuffed Rewards!

Need to keep Fido busy while you work from home or maybe they just need something to do while you binge-watch Netflix.

Try stuffing their favorite rubber toy or marrow bone for hours of lip-licking fun. Anything that can be easily cleaned and has 2 openings will work great! This activity will burn some physical and mental energy while the work out getting the food and treats out. As a bonus, licking releases endorphins that will create a happy feeling for them.

are-kong-dog-toys-bpa-freeWhat can you put in a stuffed reward? Their kibble, canned dog food, treats (make sure they are small enough to fall out), peanut butter, apple sauce, plain yogurt, cheese, sliced apple, carrots, cheerios, bananas, canned pumpkin, sweet potatoes, green beans, blueberries.

HHH - Treat Forumla

How to stuff? Place the treat part inside the Kong or bone, place the gooey part on top or on both openings, place an enticer in the opening if you desire. Try mixing it up for more fun. Use moderation with the Gooey fun to not cause any upset tummies after the yummy treat. Be sure to monitor your dog as they enjoy this treat and take it away should they begin to damage the toy.

If your dog is a heavy chewer or you want it to last longer place the toy or bone in the freezer for extended fun!

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