Armin and Meika Lodestro

Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa owners Lee and Wendi Lodestro are camera-shy, so Armin and Meika stepped in to take their place!
Armin and Meika enjoy playing outside together, and especially love barking at the deer and birds near where their parents live. Armin also enjoys jolly balls and trying to chase airplanes that fly overhead, while Meika prefers to play with Frisbees, and watch as her brother barks at planes – must be a ‘guy thing!’ When the pair is hanging out indoors, Armin likes to hide just one of his mom’s slippers, and watch as she attempts to find it. Meika is a cuddle-bug who prefers to give kisses to whoever will accept them – willingly or not! The pair also enjoy yogurt, Velveeta cheese and ice cubes – although, if the ice cube falls on the floor, this picky pair doesn’t follow the five second rule; they make their parents get them a new ice cube.

They are excited to meet new friends at Happy Hounds!