John Marengo & Mosby – General Manager

Eight years ago, a little Maltipoo named Mosby made the trek from Kentucky to Florida in search of a new family. Once in Florida, he met John, and decided to keep him. Since finding his family, Mosby has had many adventures, as he traveled up the east coast in search of new friends; although, on occasion, he did get into some mischief! In Corning, NY, Mosby gained a sister – a yorkie-bichon named Monet. They loved playing tag and running around the house together! A year later, the family grew again, this time adding a standard poodle named Figaro. Mosby was thrilled to have another boy in the family to wrestle with! However, that excitement changed slightly over the next year, as his little brother grew to about three times Mosby’s size. Now, Mosby lives in Jamestown, NY, where he enjoys being with his siblings, as well as playing with his daycare friends at Happy Hounds Hotel, while simultaneously supervising John.

When John isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters and pups. When the family isn’t going for walks, John can sometimes be found wrestling with Mosby and Figaro on the living room floor.