We Are Growing! 

Canine Obedience Training Coming Soon! 

New and exciting additions will be making their way to Happy Hounds Hotel & Day Spa this coming year. Most notably, there will now be an extensive team of staff members certified in Animal Behavior College obedience training. Happy Hounds staff will offer multiple levels of dog obedience classes to our existing customers as well as anyone else searching for accredited dog trainers in Chautauqua County. With all of the excitement shown by current customers regarding the construction project and expansion, now was a great time to start getting people excited about training their pups at Happy Hounds.


Animal Behavior College

Through the Animal Behavior College, eight Happy Hounds staff members – including owner Lee Lodestro and Manager John Marengo – will be certified in ABC obedience and behavior training. The Animal Behavior College certification combines traditional book lessons, classes, as well as a hands-on mentoring session that will be led by Sarah Winton of Country Canines of Sinclairville, New York.
The ABC method includes a dedicated focus on positive reinforcement training that encourages dogs to alter their behavior. After all, dogs love to make their parents happy! By having the entire future training team schooled in the same methods with the same hands-on mentor parents should come to expect a consistent and uniform approach to dog obedience training at Happy Hounds Hotel & Day Spa.

Future Plans

The goal of Happy Hounds is to be able to provide a singular center in Chautauqua County for dog parents to be able to board, groom, and train their dogs. It is still relatively early in the process, so the specifics of the training program are still being finalized. Initial training programs at Happy Hounds should feature several levels of training and include basic puppy obedience classes, troubleshooting, and behavior modification. The possibility of board and train packages also exists. This would allow dog parents to have their pup learn while they are at daycare or staying overnight in the spa. Manager John Marengo, who is a trained dog CPR instructor, is also hoping to be able to open up the doors of Happy Hounds so parents and babysitters can be well-prepared to tackle any emergency situation at home.

Consistent Results

With all training staff completing an identical training regimen, parents should see the excellent results regardless of the trainer. With so many members of the staff capable of instilling training methods, there should be plenty of opportunities for scheduling classes, levels of programs, and consistency throughout the entire team.
Happy Hounds is already receiving an incredible amount of feedback regarding the excitement around our expansion and the inclusion of training. We cannot wait to get started and will have more information regarding classes, scheduling, and cost posted to our website and social media accounts in the coming weeks!