Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa offers 8,000 square feet of space for your dog to enjoy.

Upon entering our lobby, guests are greeted by our concierge, and checked in to their activity, whether it be daycare, boarding or our spa services.

Our facility is climate-controlled year round, to ensure the comfort and well-being of our guests. Our doggie daycare space offers ample access to fresh, clean water, webcams for pet parents to check in, and plenty of space for your dog to play.

Our premium boarding space offers four luxury suite options for your dog to relax in. Furry friends from the same family may find it more relaxing to enjoy sharing a suite; however, Happy Hounds Hotel will not board overnight dogs from different families together for safety reasons.

The day spa at Happy Hounds Hotel features two certified groomers who are committed to providing your doggie diva or canine Casanova with an unmatched grooming experience.

Happy Hounds Hotel and Day Spa is committed to providing a safe, clean and fun environment for your pet, and we will not accept anything less.

Climate-controlled space for your pet's comfort Outdoor accomodations that don't allow your dog to cool down or warm up.
Private suites, so your dog can rest comfortably. Kennel-style cages, often sharing a fence with other unknown dogs
Unlimited playtime for our boarding and daycare guests, with no extra hidden fees Playtime is charged per hour. If you don't purchase playtime for dogs, they are kept caged.